Cleo Q Facial Muscle Lifting Machine and Accessories

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Product information

Facial Muscle Exerciser

(For the removal of Wrinkles and Sagging skin)

It appears that there are misconceptions about what the word wrinkle means. Some believe that it’s a line in the skin, yet these are known as facial lines, that can be taken away by cell renewal masques. Wrinkles happen when the underlying facial muscles become slack and untoned and start to make folds in the skin; causing sunken cheeks, sagging jowls beneath the chin and jawline, drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes, drooping mouth, folds around the mouth/ nose area and sagging neck. Unfortunately, there is no cream, masque, Botox or fillers that could possibly take away these wrinkles.

However, these wrinkles can be pulled back into shape by exercising the face and neck muscles, this is not a miracle, it has been done time and time again. If a person decided to take up muscular exercise at the gym, it would not matter if they were 20 or 60 years old, everyone can tone the muscles of the body into shape. Therefore, because the muscles of the face and neck are much smaller, they can easily be toned back into shape or kept in shape to prevent aging.

The Cleo Q

There are many facial exercise machines on the market, here at SkinClior we have tested all the machines that we retail for effectiveness, over a period of 1-3 years. Consequently, we only retail machines that have proven to show us results. Therefore, we have identified which machines are the most effective at exercising each muscle group.

The Cleo Q will tone all the face and neck muscles. Our results found that it takes around 3-4 months of use to see dramatic results, yet some clients revealed that their faces felt tighter and more firm after 2-3 weeks use. The Cleo Q is generation up from the Cleo 2/II.  General toning can be achieved in one session (excluding the neck). However, to work on specific muscles groups (which is required) you can achieve this by choosing one of 8 separate programs

Program 1 – Gently exercises all the facial muscles (will not lift any sagging, but will prepare the muscles for further programs)

Program 2 - Exercises eyes (lifts above the middle of eyes and tones the forehead)

Program 3 – Exercises the eyes (lifts drooping eye lids)

Program 4 – Exercises the eyes (lifts eye bags)

Program 5 – Exercises the cheeks (lifts the upper cheeks along the cheek bone)

Program 6 – Exercises the nose (lifts the upper middle cheek and helps improve eye bags)

Program 7 – Exercises the lips (lifts sunken cheeks and enhances the lip shape)

Program 8 – Exercises the jaw and neck (lifts sagging jowls along the jawline)

Program 9 – Exercises the neck (helps to lift the neck and sagging jowls)

Note: If you have never exercised the facial muscles it is vital that you start with program 1 to prepare the muscles for further workout.

Before starting any of the exercise programs it is essential that the skin is wiped over with ‘SkinClior Skin Prep Lotion’ (supplied) to ensure that there is no oil on the skin at all. Skipping this vital step will cause the conductive pads to fall off during the workout and use up unnecessary time, effort and money.

After preparing the skin, ‘SkinClior Conductive Gel’ (supplied) is applied to the conductive pads, before attaching them to the skin. This will give a stronger conduction, speed up the toning process and keep the conductive pads in a good sticky condition.

You will now be ready to start your facial exercises by following the instructions included in the Cleo booklet.

What you will receive:

  • 1 x Cleo Q machine
  • 2 x connection leads
  • SkinClior 6-month Warranty on machine and lead
  • 1 x battery pack
  • 60ml skin prep lotion
  • 60ml conductive gel
  • 8 x conductive pads for face (one pack)
  • 2 x conductive pads for neck (one pack)
  • Full instructions for use
  • Guide on how to keep the skin in tip-top condition
  • Guide on how to use the correct direction of application (important when applying creams, lotions)


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