Face & Neck Lifting (Full Kit)

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For those wanting to naturally lift the face and neck muscles. The kit contains the products and materials required to permanently tighten sagging skin, plump out sunken cheeks, lift drooping eyes, mouth corners, sagging jowls and more…

Decreased Collagen and Elastin are responsible for only 50% of the skin ageing process, the other 50% is due to loss of muscle tone. However, just like anyone at any age can lift tone and shape the body at the gym, so can they lift, tone and shape the face and neck muscles, at any age.

This kit contains a full detailed diagram of the face and neck muscles, a set of exercises that will lift, enlarge or tone the muscles that your individual face structure requires, whilst lifting your face and neck back to its original position, without any need for surgery or facial fillers.

An essential warm up guide is contained in the kit along with ‘SkinClior Exercise Me Oil’ that is applied prior to your training session, to ensure that no facial lines occur during your exercises. But, also stimulates your muscles to grow.

A third key component of a great workout after warm-up and workout is muscle relaxation. Not only do you need to stimulate your muscles to grow, you must also provide them with enough rest and relaxation to heal and repair themselves, to ensure they grow stronger.  Made with a blend of citric acids, emollients and vitamins. Muscle relax gel (included in the kit) will ensure your muscles are relaxed and will also remove any lactic acid that can build up during exercise, preventing muscle distress and preparing them for subsequent exercise.

Along with building the face and neck muscles, this kit will have a beneficial impact on your skin itself, as a result of the exercises providing your skin with a new oxygenated blood supply that will speed up skin cell renewal. The products contained in the kit will send a beneficial blend of skin softening ingredients deep into the skin to keep the skin soft, supple and prevent dehydration.

It is recommended that you exercise the face and neck for approximately 15 minutes, 3-4 times per week for a permanent lift and 1-2 times per week to maintain the results. Depending upon current condition of muscles, a full lift can take between 8-14 weeks to achieve desired results.


  • Lift the brows
  • Lift bags under the eyes.
  • Lift sunken and sagging cheeks
  • Lift up drooping corners of the mouth
  • Create fuller lips
  • Lift the chin and sagging jowls around the jaw line.
  • Lift and tone a sagging neck.
  • Re-shape parts of the face
  • Tighten the whole face and neck
  • Plump out hollow cheeks
  • Create hollow cheeks


1 x Facial Muscle Identification Guide

1 x Facelift Exercise Book (coloured and photographed guide)

60ml Exercise Me Oil

60ml Muscle Relax Gel

1 x Terry Towelling Headband

1 x Skincare Guide

Full Instructions for Use

Gift Box (Optional)

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