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For those suffering with Millia (small white bumps under the skin, with no opening). The safest way to remove Millia is via the blood system, removing by squeezing or using a tool will not only open the skin up to infection but, will also cause more Millia to return.

The ingredients in SKINCLIOR Millia Removal Masque will naturally remove Millia by directing the blood to the affected areas and will in turn break up the trapped sebum and direct it towards the body’s natural drainage system. The masque is applied to the affected areas on a monthly basis to break up the Millia and the skin will not be adversely affected but, will ensure all Millia is removed after continued use.

The ingredients in SKINCLIOR Millia Removal Serum will cause the blood to be directed to the Millia on contact and taken away via the blood. The serum is massaged into the skin on a daily basis and helps to rapidly break up the Millia without affecting the skin adversely yet, will ensure all Millia are removed.

Millia Removal Masque is more powerful than our Millia Removal Serum. However, this ensures that the serum can be massaged into the Millia daily. Therefore, when the masque is used together with the serum, this 2-step system will remove Millia more rapidly, than when used as a stand-alone product.

Unfortunately, because the masque is so powerful it cannot be used on sensitive skin types. Therefore, only the use of the Millia Removal Serum is recommended. For this reason, we also retail each product separately.


200ml Millia Removal Masque

60ml Millia Removal Serum

1 x Masque Application Brush

1 x Skincare Guide

Full Set of Instructions


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